7 June 2016

Smilde Foods takes over the salad activities of United Food Family, including the production of salads of “De Kroon Salades” in Oudenbosch and “Van Oers”, in Boxtel.

The Oudenbosch facility mainly produces artisan salads for bread & toast, such as the more upmarket "De Kroon Salades”. The potato-based meal salads are manufactured in Boxtel, including the popular beef, salmon and Russian salads. In addition to private labels, the Boxtel facility also produces renowned brands, such as the “Van Oers Grand Mère” salads.

The snack activities and Van Oers ultra fresh salads are not affected by the takeover, so these will remain part of the United Food Family. The transaction depends on the usual contingency conditions, including the shareholders’ approval.

In due course, the takeover will have consequences for employees at the Oudenbosch facility and for some of the employees of the Boxtel facility. It is the intention to transfer the acquired salad production activities to the modern cool fresh facility of Smilde Foods in Oosterwolde within one year. The production of Fano, the bulk consumer salad brand, is located in Oosterwolde, just as the production of private labels.

Willem van de Vorst, United Food Family

Willem van de Vorst, managing director of United Food Family: “After the sale, we will concentrate on frozen snacks and ultra fresh salads, produced at 2 locations in Dordrecht and Boxtel. In the past 18 months, we have made great advances in converting the former wholesale company into a modern production firm. For a company of our size, it is difficult if not impossible to efficiently market products in such great product depth. By targeting specific markets we can better serve our customers and partners in frozen snacks and ultra fresh salads”.

Ronald Prince, Smilde Foods

Ronald Prince, managing director of Smilde Foods: “We are pleased to be able to strengthen our position on the cool fresh salads market. Van Oers and De Kroon Salades are two great brands. The one has a Burgundian flair and the other occupies a quality position at the top of the market. Just as Smilde Foods, the facilities in Oudenbosch and Boxtel are parts of a family-owned company. The takeover gives us an opportunity to improve and enlarge our position on the private-label cool fresh market, a continuously evolving market with great potential. For now, United Food Family continues production by orders of Smilde Foods. So for the customers a smooth transition of activities is guaranteed”.

Salad Partners

Under the brand name of “Salad Partners”, Smilde Foods plans to actively develop and grow their share of the salad market to capture a position as market leader. The combined companies with their great know-how provide new opportunities for sustainable product development, offering a wide assortment of brands, ingredients and packaging. With a sensitivity to the wants and needs of our customers, we intend to launch new offerings in the near future.


Smilde Foods produces a broad assortment of margarines, oils, greases, salads, sauces, quiches and meal components, particularly for the European and African markets.

By continuously responding to consumer trends, Smilde Foods offers customer-oriented solutions – with professional brands, including Fano, Romi and Bebo, as well as private labels – to the food industry, industrial bakeries, food service establishments and retail outlets. Smilde Foods owns production facilities in Heerenveen and Oosterwolde as well as a sales facility in England, with a total of 300 employees. Smilde Foods is a subsidiary of Royal Smilde.

Established in the Dutch city of Heerenveen in 1863, Royal Smilde, an independent family- owned firm, maintains quality and continuity as its core values. With the business units Bakery, Foods and Natura, Royal Smilde has evolved into an internationally operating food products concern, realising a turnover of over € 220 million with approximately 650 employees.

Continuously optimizing products and services for more than 150 years, Royal Smilde has gained an international reputation in the food products sector, whilst pursuing the development of innovative food concepts.

United Food Family

United Food Family (Van Oers Groep in Boxtel and De Vries Snacks in Dordrecht) is a company with approximately 135 employees operating on the Dutch food products market since the fifties of the previous century. United Food Family owns production facilities in Boxtel, Dordrecht and Oudenbosch. In 60 years time, United Food Family has evolved within the ready-to-serve food segment into a significant player in frozen snacks (out-of- home) and chilled salads (retail).

The company occupies a strong market position in the distribution channels for fast service, petrol stations, leisure industry and parks, both in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium.

Note to the editor

For more information, please contact:

Ronald Prince, managing director of Smilde Foods

Telephone: 0513 639 313


Willem van de Vorst, managing director of United Food Family

Telephone: 0411 618 700


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