Family business since 1863

“The strategy of the family business is focused on continuity and quality in the interest of customers, suppliers and employees” – D.Smilde

The family business was founded by Arend Smilde in 1863 in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Now the fifth and sixth generation is working in the company. Still the family is very involved in the management of the company. We see that as an advantage for the company, our employees and also for the customers. The family Smilde has built the company into what it is nowadays and aspires to growth and modernization, and also to acting quickly and decisively to new changes and opportunities and by taking a clear long term vision in mind. Royal Smilde, built on the basis of social and corporate responsibility.

Chronological summary

  • The two French bakery factories of Smilde Bakery are sold to French companies.
  • Royal Smilde announces sponsorship Olympia‚Äôs Tour 2010, a cycle match for young international talent through the Netherlands in six days.
  • FanoFineFood and Romi Smilfood progressing together as Smilde Foods
  • Smilde Foods concentrates the production of salads in Oosterwolde.
  • Closing down of the factory of FanoFineFood in Oldenzaal, where chilled easy-to-prepare meals were produced.
  • Smilde Bakery sells cheese biscuits to Euro Pâtisserie.
Summer 2007
  • Smilde Bakery sells ‘traditional biscuit’ assortment to Dutch Van Doorn Bakery and closes the plant at Bodegraven
  • Business Unit Bakery starts operating under the name Smilde Bakery.
  • Smilde Bakery buys bakery activities of Dutch CSM's subsidiary Unipro, known as deGoede
  • Take-over of FanoFineFood BV in Oosterwolde.
  • Take-over of the bakery Van Welzen BV in Bodegraven.
  • Selling of the business unit Fresh Chilled (FanoFineFood BV) by management buy-out.
  • Closing down of the fat melting activities in Heerenveen.
  • Start of building new factory in Eindhoven.
  • The amalgamation of Romi and Smilfood: Romi Smilfood.
  • Ending of the production of the fat melting factory in Heerenveen.
  • Building of a new factory in Elsholz Berlin; the Brandenburger Fettschmelze in co-operation with Robert Unkel GmbH.
  • Take-over of the bakery factory Patisserie Renaissonaise in France.
  • Take-over of the producer of fresh chilled meals and meal components Profood in Oldenzaal.
  • Take-over of the company Subliem in Belgium.
  • Take-over of the bakery factory Les Délices du Palais in Septeuil, France.
  • Smilde Holding receives the predicate Royal and is renamed to Royal Smilde.
  • End of the activities in the sugar work branch by the selling of Frisia.
  • New fat melting factory in Erolzheim, South Germany.
  • Take-over of the Rotterdamse Margarine Industrie (Romi).
  • Purchase of the second fat melting company Fondoirs Gachot in Strassbourg, France.
  • Take-over of the bakery Pruvé in Edam.
  • Take-over of the salad company FineFood in Emmen.
  • Take-over of Fano B.V. in Oosterwolde.
  • Purchase of the fat melting factory in Romans/Lyon in France.
  • Building of the new factory Smilfood in Heerenveen (an amalgamate of margarine production and replacing of bakery).
  • Start activities in the snack branch by take-over of Albert van Zoonen in Schagen.
  • Take-over of the refinery De Oosterenk in Epe.
  • Opening of a new factory in Biebesheim/Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Take-over of the margarine factory Nederveen in Den Bosch.
  • Opening of a new fat melting factory in Eindhoven (production of Nijmegen, Breda and Kerkrade are transferred to Eindhoven).
  • Take-over of the margarine company Batava in Nijmegen. Take-over of the sugar work company Frisia in Irnsum.
  • Take-over of the Central Bakery Schoterland.
  • Take-over of the margarine company De Rijnstreek in Bodegraven.
  • Take-over of the fat melting company Havimex in Kerkrade.
  • Start activities in the sugar work branch by take-over of Tangara.
  • Building of a new fat melting factory in Bockhorst, Germany.
  • Smilde Holding BV replaces Mildis Holding; all incorporated companies are changed into limited companies.
  • Take-over of Benninga’s Friesche Margarine Fabrieken, Leeuwarden.
  • Take-over of the fat melting company Van der Jagt, Breda.
  • Take-over of the fat melting company Hoogenhout in Nijmegen, Gelderland.
  • Together with Smeding and the NPM, the forming of Mildis Holding; extension of the melting capacity plus start of new activities in margarine and refining of vegetable oils.
  • Arend Smilde (son of Dirk Smilde) starts working in the company (fifth generation).
  • Opening of new fat melting factory in Oudeschoot, Heerenveen-Zuid.
  • First depot opened in Bardel, Germany. Start fat melting factory in Bockhorst, Germany.
  • Take-over of the fat melting factory Jellema in Leeuwarden. The production is transferred to Heerenveen.
  • Start of building a new factory in Oudeschoot (Heerenveen-Zuid).
  • Purchase of the sister-company Gebr. Smilde, Rotterdam which was closed several years later; the trade- and depot functions are taken over by the depot in Zoetermeer.
  • Opening of a new fat melting factory in Apeldoorn.
  • Opening of the first depot in Broek in Waterland.
  • Dirk Smilde is appointed as co-director in Heerenveen next to his father.
  • Dirk Smilde (fourth generation) starts working in the factory in Heerenveen.
  • Start of collecting and melting of raw fats.
  • Take-over of a fat melting factory in Maubeuge, France.
  • Building of a new fat melting factory in Rotterdam.
  • Building (replacing) of a fat melting factory in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Closing of the factory in Harlingen. Continuing export activities and start of fat melting factory in Rotterdam by Jan Smilde.
  • Opening of a fat melting factory in Brussels, Belgium by Roelof Smilde.
  • Natura beef fat is submitted to the trade register. Natura is awarded a prize for the first time.
  • Purchase of slaughterhouse in Harlingen. Foundation of a partnership under firm Gebr. Smilde by three sons of the founder: Sybren, Jan and Roelof Smilde.
  • Purchase of the first company building at the Heerenwal in Heerenveen where a slaughterhouse is established.
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