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Professional bakery products

Smilde Bakery is a manufacturer of bakery and pastry products. Under strong international brands a broad and innovative range of baked and unbaked intermediate goods, pastries, snacks and bake-off season banquet is offered to the professional market. Daily factories in the Netherlands and France provide a balanced assortment of quality products.

Smilde Bakery has expert knowledge of their markets and a good understanding of the customer needs and specific requirements of customers. That is an important value. We also look closely at the international food trends and the consumer’s changing diets, our main source of inspiration. Smilde Bakery is happy to contribute to the success of its customers with targeted and practical solutions for the optimazation of commercial opportunities.

Quality and service

Our knowledge of industrial bakery processes for the production of fill–off, bake–off and pastry products is of a high standard. We can tailor customers with products that meet market and customer needs. Many products have been proven for years and are an important base in the range of our customers The brands of Smilde Bakery guarantee quality. All manufacturing sites are certified and comply with all legal regulations. Smilde Bakery sets its own demanding high service level. Personal contact, short lines, short delivery times and effective sales support make us a valued partner for our professional customers.

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