150 years Royal Smilde

A concept for one and a half centuries

Royal Smilde has existed for 150 years. Arend Egberts Smilde stood at the cradle of what is now a leading manufacturer of food products. In 1863 he opened a slaughterhouse on the Herenwal in Heerenveen. His sons, grandsons and great-grandsons have continued the business expeditiously, together with hundreds of motivated employees.

Within the family business continuous growth has been experienced: autonomous and by take-over. In the meantime the fifth and sixth generation are operating in the company and so Royal Smilde is one of the oldest family businesses in Friesland.

The core values of Royal Smilde are: quality and continuity. And in the last decade there has been added: food safety and durability. One is a promise to the company and to her employees, the other is an obligation to her customers and to the consumer. Those are the most important basic elements of the success. In this way Royal Smilde has been able to grow into the international operating food business what that it is today. We thank our customers and suppliers for the faith and our employees for all the efforts. Over all those 150 years and for the many years to come...

Overview exhibition

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Royal Smilde an overview exhibition has been arranged in the museum Willem van Haren in Heerenveen. You can visit this exhibition ‘Smilde 150 years’ from 13th April up to and including 16th June 2013. For further information: Museum Willem van Haren

Historical overview (JPG)

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