An understanding in food.

Royal Smilde is a leading producer of food. High-quality ingredients, semi-finished and finished products available through outlets such as bakeries and butchers, food service and retail find their way to the consumer. Our aspiration is for our customers to be successful. And it is our responsibility to ensure safe and healthy food production. We are geared to achieve this in a sustainable and responsible manner. The core values of the family company Royal Smilde are quality and continuity and these are the main basic elements of success. Thus, Royal Smilde has had an international understanding in food for more than one and a half centuries.

Food Safety & Quality

All our products are raw, semi-finished or finished products for human consumption. Royal Smilde is well aware of the concept of food safety. Our customers expect nothing less than for us to produce food safely and to meet all the Dutch and European standards. But quality is not only measured by our certificates. Ultimately the customers prevail through the quality of our products. Their success is our benchmark. This motivates the employees of Royal Smilde to always try to improve the product and the service, thus continuously working on optimizing the quality of the company.

Investing for security

Royal Smilde has its origin in 1863. In one and a half centuries the company has grown into a modern, internationally orientated company with production both at home and abroad. From the beginning we have been active in the food industry. We believe that building a sustainable growth in the longer term is as important as its yield in the short term. So we continue to invest in new products, production, employees and customers. Royal Smilde: old in experience, healthy in business, young in vision.

Our vision on sustainable business practices

‘Royal Smilde has put continuity and quality at the forefront for generations and is aware of the consequences of business activities on people, animals, the environment and management. The management of this family business takes its responsibility for current and future generations with one common sustainability policy for all parts of the company.’ – Ronald Prince, CEO

Strategic pillars

  • Sustainable product and packaging concepts
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing and logistics processes
  • Commitment of all employees
  • Development, health and safety of employees
  • Respect for the interest of all stakeholders
  • Respect for human rights
  • Involvement in society
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